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Destigmatizing Therapy

Eric Freeman of "Early Termination Option" ( provided an interesting perspective on a famous basketball player involved in advocating for mental health awareness.  Regardless of this particular player's history of behavior, it is refreshing to see someone in the public limelight take a stand with regard to an issue that is often subject to social stigma.  (It is particularly heartening...[ read more ]

Back To School Tips

Another Summer has come and gone and your kids are starting school again (or are about to). The beginning of the school year is a fresh start and a great opportunity to establish good habits. In talking with parents about the stress associated with the beginning of the school year, I have accumulated some tips that I think might make...[ read more ]

Some of the Many Benefits of Nature

In recent years a lot has been published on the beneficial impact of playing in nature on children's emotional and psychological well-being. In the most recent issue of The California Psychologist, psychologist Dr. Gomes reviews this research and makes valuable suggestions for therapists and parents on how to reap the benefits of the outdoors. In a study done on children...[ read more ]

The Impact of Technology on Social Relationships

As a psychologist interested in social relationships, I have long wondered about the impact of social media and technology on the quality of human interactions. I have spoken with many parents who voiced concerns that the entirety of their teenager's social interactions happen via text messaging or social media networking. These parents worried their children might not be developing the...[ read more ]

Children of Lesbian Mothers Fare Quite Well

Researchers Nanette Gartrell and Henry Bos published a study in the journal Pediatrics which has gotten a lot of attention recently. Their study is the longest longitudinal study of children raised by lesbian parents. The study followed the children for 25 years, during which they and their mothers provided information about their development and psychological functioning. The subjects of the study...[ read more ]

Emotions and Aging

An article published in the New York Times yesterday discussed the results of a poll looking at the relationship between age and various emotions. Over 340,000 people were interviewed via telephone about their life circumstances and their relationships to various emotions, including happiness, anxiety, sadness and stress. The findings of the poll revealed different trajectories for each of the emotions. Happiness, also...[ read more ]

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